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Pinkety-Pink by CrimsonGriffin
Congratulations, Lazlo. She's a gorebyss semi-mermaid. And has a tail! That's new. Really new and JaiLi's not used to having to think to counterbalance the whole deal and getting dried out all the time... and having fins... This might be an eye opening experience. 

Those Dratted Sprites! by CrimsonGriffin
Those Dratted Sprites!
Lazlo, whatever you do, don't eat the candy! Your darling, pint-sized bride said so! A very disgruntled leavanny sewaddle who's not happy about her change. It really puts a wrench in the newlywed feels ;)

Lazlo belongs to :iconemilee-mae:
JaiLi: JaiLi tried to keep herself from sweating bullets as her aunt fastened a gardenia flower in her hair, right in the center of swirling braids pulled into a small bun on the back of her head while the rest was French braided in the back. "Relax. Today's going to be great. Besides, you don't want to faint. Just breathe." Her aunt said after pulling the last bobby pin out of her mouth.
"I know. I'm just so nervous. I thought this would be more... not so nervous, you know?" JaiLi looked at herself in the mirror in one of the back rooms and the photographer snapped another picture.

Rune: A wedding! Rune couldn't have been happier by the news when it reached his ears earlier in the week. JaiLi had always been such a good friend to him, and being one of the first people he met on Raccolto and who helped him to settle in. Though she was no longer a close neighbour of his, ever since having moved in with Willa into her estate, she was nonetheless still a close friend of his and Rune was ecstatic knowing that soon the young woman would be married off to a very fine gentleman. He hummed a pleasant tune to himself as he stood in front of the one of Willa's mirrors, just finishing up braiding his locks and adjusting his reddish-brown coat. There was a weaved basket sitting close by, concealed by a white blanket over top, but packed with juicy fruits of variety inside. It would be a simple gift, but Rune was confident that they would love the sweet treats. At any rate, once he was ready and all set to go, he took the basket into his hands and headed off to where the wedding would be taking place.

Lazlo: He straightened his tie for the twentieth time, wondering again if the orange suit had been a good choice of color. Willa had insisted, though, that the color would work once everything came together. Winry and her family had arrived last night, camping out on the sofas and in the guest room of the cluttered house. "Hold still, would you?" Winry swatted at his hands until they fell to his sides. She carefully inserted the blue feather into his lapel pocket. "There! All set! Now don't touch any of it!" She hopped down from the chair she'd been standing on, retrieved the basket of flowers, and waited for him at the door impatiently. "A-all right, I'm coming, l-let me just-" His uncle patted Lazlo on the shoulder, guiding him towards the door with the force of his hand. "Nope, we're already behind schedule. Can't have you being late to your own wedding!"

Innis: Oh no! A wedding. Only this time this wasn't two strangers getting married but one of his friends. Holy jeez everyone was hitched more and more as he got older. He didn't know the lady lazlo was getting married to but he felt assured she must have been a good lady if Lazlo hadn't been startled or scared off. Poor guy must be SO nervous today...and unfortunately like the past weddings Innis wasn't prepared. He could only shower and jump into a clean black jumpsuit half an hour before the wedding actually started. Of course he didn't tell Lazlo he'd be coming ahead of time but the other people at the previous weddings didn't mind he'd shown up without an invite so why would it become a problem now? He didn't have time to blow dry his hair. He just combed it as he ran to the location. Sprinted actually. He didn't have a wedding gift per say but he did drag something to give to the couple. It took this long to learn guests typically were expected to bring a gift. So he brought something he had on hand already which was silver ores...because… Hey they can use it to make their eating utensils or sell it for a little profit. Whichever. "Lazlo don't say I do without me!"

JaiLi: JaiLi's uncle waited outside her closed door, waiting for the signal. The groom was on the move! He quietly knocked on the mirror room door. "Three minutes to show." JaiLi jumped a little at the knocking. "Okay." Her aunt pulled her bouquet out of the water vase and dried off the ends. Then she lowered JaiLi's veil into place. "You look beautiful, honey." She said and JaiLi blushed and gave her a hug. "Thanks for all your help."
"No problem. I wouldn't have missed this for the world! Now come on. Time to follow Lazlo in."

Rain: Rain nervously played with the hem of her dress as she took her seat in the church, Thorn by her side. She had gotten an invitation to JaiLi and Lazlo's wedding the other day and decided support them on there happy day, despite only have met the woman once or twice during some of the festivals. "Do you think this is okay for a wedding?" she asked the hound, still fiddling with her simple looking dress and actually the only dress she owned. She had never really been to a wedding before so she wasn't exactly sure what the dress code would be for the event. "I guess it will have to do," she muttered to her self as she waited for the ceremony to begin.

Tamas: Placing down the bright green wrapped gift on the table with the growing mountain of gifts, Tamas looked around as people began to enter the church. The eevee hands clenched nervously as he tried to straighten his kilt and plaid, once more bemoaning his lack of formal wear. He really needed to get some different clothes. Seeing the groom take his place at the alter, he waved at the nervous looking man as he took a seat on the aisle. The eevee wasn't sure if he should be sitting here but if they needed him to move he could.
Lazlo: He didn't feel as though they were that late. Lazlo pulled out his notecards with shaky hands; going over his vows again and hoping the speech therapy would work its magic. The church was built such that he had to go outside and back in at the front of the chapel. Winry waited at the back of the chapel while his uncle took the rings from Lazlo and passed them on to the ring bearer. "You'll do great," he whispered encouragingly as Lazlo skirted around the edge of the pews and took his place on the steps. His hands were still shaking as he surveyed the accumulating crowd of people. There were more than he'd expected. He recognized a few faces in the audience, smiling and waving back. Was his mouth too dry? Would his tongue get stuck to the roof of his mouth and render him speechless? He shook his head, clearing away the nervous thoughts. It would be fine. This was their wedding day, and everything would be perfectly fine.

Rune: By the time Rune finally did arrive, already there were several people there. He breathed a sigh though, relieved to see that he wasn't late for the ceremonies. He looked around, hoping to see Lazlo, but it didn't appear that the groom was there yet. Odd... But noticing the table lined with gifts aplenty, he remembered the basket he had and went over to place it there at a suitable place. He grinned as he glanced down at the covered basket one last time, hoping that JaiLi and Lazlo would like the apples, grapes, pineapple, bananas, and peaches there, as well as the bonus of the little honey jar somewhere in the middle of it all. Satisfied, he turned to take his seat, when he noticed Tamas was sitting there. "Hello Tamas~ Mind if I sit next to you?" Rune asked as he approached him.

Corey: Corey entered the church nervously, he had wanted to come to congratulate the new couple (and chase the prospect of cake) despite the fact he didn't know them. But remembering the last wedding he'd attended had been... well different, he decided to slip into the back of the church to watch from a safe distance. Surely this would be a normal wedding right?

Rain: Taking a deep breath, Rain looked around trying to find someone she knew. Sadly it seemed like there was no one- Oh wait! There was Tamas. Letting out a sign of relief, Rain quickly hurried over to the man, with Thorn on her heels. "Um Hi Tamas. Mind if i sit over here?" she asked tapping the eevee on the shoulder before noticing the other man. "Oh I'm sorry. I didn't see you there. My name is Rain and this is Thorn." she said to the Simisear and gestured to the houndour next to her.

Innis: He finally saw the church up ahead after following the signs as soon as he entered Raccolto town. He ran over to where he saw people gathering and dropped his clumsily wrapped gift onto the table with the other gifts. "ah!" he nearly fell onto his knees the adrenaline rush just drained right out of him as soon as he reached his destination. Somehow he managed to just barely be there on time.. but only a minute to spare. He stood there with a sweaty forehead, panting harshly while his eyes looked over to for the groom. Water...water… ooo he was getting dehydrated. He took a wedding pamphlet and used it to furiously fan himself while sweating wiping sweat off his brow with the back of his sleeve. He dragged himself to the front so Lazlo could see him at least. He didn't recognize anyone else otherwise.

JaiLi: Oh boy! Here we go! Her uncle, the brother of her late father, offered his arm for her and she took it, holding her bouquet and cards in her free hand. The satin of her dress sifted softly as she walked with him to the front of the church. The doors to the sanctuary were closed so Lazlo couldn't see her still. Winry was there, ready to do her part, and so was the ring bearer. She looked like a dream in her gardenia inspired dress with strapless sweetheart neck line and ruffles at the waist, with her bouquet of burgundy calla lilies, Spanish and French lavender, gold freesia, and of course, white fragrant gardenias. "Hi, Winry!" JaiLi said, trying to break her nervousness.

Kibo: Yes, his hand map worked. Kibo took a very shaky step into the church like he was expecting to burst into flames or get staked and looked around. No one he knew that he could see anyway. Noodle was seated comfortably on his shoulder while Kicho was nestled into the fancy pocket of the tuxedo he was wearing. What? It was a wedding not a grubby festival after all... As much as he hated tuxs, he couldn't look like he fell out of bed, down the stairs and into his clothes right?

Tamas: Thankful for familiar faces, he gave Thorn a scratch behind his ears as he greeted the two, "Hello Rune, Rain and of course Thorn. We could all sit together if that's alright with you two?" Tamas moved down the pew to make room for the other two. Even with the familiar faces Tamas still felt a little nervous being here, first time being at a wedding without any family what so ever. Jittery, Tamas asked, "Are you two here for the groom or the bride?"

Corey: Corey relaxed near the back of the church, so far so good he supposed. However, It didn't look like there was anyone here he knew which disappointed him a little, but then hey! When else to make knew friends? He glanced around the chapel looking for someone to talk to.

Rune: Rune looked up at the new voice, and smiled as he saw the girl there and her dog. Another acquaintance of Tamas? "My name is Rune, and not at all~" He replied. Grateful to have a seat, he sat next to Tamas and Rain. It was only then that he noticed Lazlo at the altar, and his face lit up. "I'm a friend of the bride actually, but I know the groom too." Rune had said as he briefly gestured to him. "I'm very happy that they're going to be married~"

Lazlo: His sweating palms were smudging the ink! Lazlo pocketed his vows, afraid that if he held them any longer they'd become completely unintelligible. When he next looked up, he first spotted a disheveled Innis sitting in the front row. His pulse normalized somewhat and he took in a deep breath, letting it hiss out through his gills and his nose. He smiled weakly and waved in his direction, shifting from foot to foot. Judging that he still had a minute, he retrieved a bottle of water from behind the altar and drank about half of it, and feeling a little dehydrated himself. He returned it to its hiding place and made a conscious effort not to futz with his suit jacket, bow tie, or lapel. In the meantime, he appraised the floral adornments along the pews and the ivy trellises. He had done all the arrangements himself and was relatively proud of that fact. Likewise, JaiLi had created the menu for the reception and the cake. It was to be a truly homegrown wedding. The priest was standing behind the altar now, opening an ancient-looking tome. His uncle joined his cousins and Randy, the best man, to stand behind him. Everything was coming together; his nerves were settling somewhat, now all that was necessary was for the bride to make her entrance.

Rain: Rain let out a little giggle as she saw the face Thorn made when Tamas pet him. He didn't mind the man but he still wasn't use to be pet by anyone other then Rain. "I guess you can say I'm with the bride too. I've only met her a few times but I wanted to cheer her on, on her special day." she told him before looking back at Rune. "It is very nice to meet you Rune. You must be really exceeded for them," she said before a blue blob of hair caught her eye and she spotted another one of her friends. "Hey Kibo." she said waving to her nervous friend and his pets.

Innis: He smiled when he'd been noticed and he managed to wave a little. He waved a little more to get Lazlo's attention and just silently mouthed to him, "you got this!" he gave him a thumbs up before he focused his energy on fanning his hot face. "breathe.." he tried to whisper but chances are lazlo wouldn't be able to hear him from where he was standing. Also hey Randy was there too! It had been ages since he had seen the guy… good. It felt less awkward being at the wedding with two bro friends he knew there.

Kibo: Kibo looked over seeing Rain wave at him which he returned before going over to her and the two with her. "Hiya" That was his universal greeting to everyone. Though he kinda half expected Noodle and Kicho to go over excitedly to them especially Thorn, they stayed. "Feels a little awkward that I kinda only know em a little..." And by that he meant he knew them today

JaiLi: "Thanks! I guess you're ready." She said with Winry skipping to the front. The ring bearer behind her, Willa in the middle, and JaiLi with her uncle at the end. "Ready?" He asked her. JaiLi nodded and he signaled for the doors to be opened as he and she hid just behind the doorframe. The procession went in, with petals going everywhere and the music beginning. Winry and Willa were in their mulberry colored dresses, her uncle in a dark gray suit that suited his rhydon totem. JaiLi didn't notice the petals or the crowd. Her eyes were pinned on Lazlo and her nervousness turned to butterflies. Nervous butterflies, but butterflies. He looked so handsome up there and she had to slow herself to the dignified pace her uncle was going at. He stopped them in front of the priest.

Priest: Friends, we have joined here today to share with Lazlo McCarthy and JaiLi Logans an important moment in their lives. Their time together, they have seen their love and understanding of each other grow and blossom and now they have decided to live out the rest of their lives as one. Who gives this woman in marriage?
JaiLi's uncle spoke. "I do!" More quietly, he told her "Love you, honey." and kissed her on the cheek before going to his seat.

Tamas: The farmer smiled as Rune sat down, and he slowly felt his shoulders relax as the man did. He didn't know why he was so nervous and jittery, he was the one getting married after all. "I guess I'm here more for Lazlo then JaiLi. I knew Lazlo first and we sort of hit it off. But I feel so excited for both of them." A little too excited maybe? His knee was starting to bounce in his nervousness. Tamas looked over to where Rain was waving and thought he had seen that man before but he couldn't place where. He gave a polite wave to the nervous looking man, he felt his pain he really did. Turning back to Rune "So what JaiLi like? I only know a little about her."

Rune: Rune smiled, happy to hear that they were also here for JaiLi. He was just so proud for his friend, and for Lazlo as well, knowing how timid the man was the last they met. He looked up with a bit of surprise when another had approached the group. Oh, another acquaintance? Not that he minded! He nodded and uttered a little "Hello" to the blue-haired lad. He was honestly pretty glad to be sitting with a group instead of alone. Course he knew that Willa was here as well, though she was busy with her duties as one of the bride's maids, which he understood enough. "Oh, well, JaiLi is-..." Only to then be interrupted as the doors opened and music played to the arrival of the bride. Rune's eyes had lit up. How pretty she looked in that dress! Lazlo must be so happy... His voice fell, allowing the presence of JaiLi to explain, as he watched her make way to the altar up front.

Winry: She played the part of flower girl well, scattering petals delicately with a flourish of her hand and taking dignified, measured steps towards the front, where she stood and waited where she'd been told. Then she proceeded to make doe-eyes at the bride, who was a vision in white with pops of color from the bouquet.

Lazlo: He squinted in Innis' direction, trying to decipher what he was mouthing, but not quite able to make it out. Suddenly, the music started and the sound of doors opening reverberated through the sanctuary. His gaze drifted upwards to see Winry walking down the aisle, followed by the procession. JaiLi appeared from behind the door, and his breath deserted him entirely. Feeling truly like a fish out of water, he had to snap his mouth shut. He felt the rosiness creeping into his cheeks at the nervous joy of seeing the bride, his wife-to-be. His eyes never left hers as she made her way down the aisle to join him at the altar. Lazlo wiped his hands surreptitiously against the front of his pants, then offered them to her for holding. He felt steadier somehow with her here, as if the crowd of witnesses wasn’t so much a crowd as an intimate gathering, and there was no reason to fear declaring his love in front of them all. This was no time for timidity, after all.

Tamas: Tamas quieted as the procession began. JaiLi looked lovely in her grown, every bit a bride and you could see the love Lazlo had for her the moment the groom's eyes saw her. The eevee smiled at the two and finally felt his body relax. One day maybe he could have some one look at him like that?

Rain: Rain watched in awe as the doors opened and the music began. JaiLi looked so beautiful in her wedding dress and she seemed like she and her husband-to-be were about to burst from joy when they saw each other. The quilava really couldn't be more happy for the pair.

Innis - Lazlo looked pretty good in a suit. He briefly wondered if he'd look good in a suit himself… or even if he'd be married too one day. Maybe...? It could still happen. Right now a silence fell over the area, the bride walked in and Innis turned around to get a look at her as well. She was pretty! Lazlo seemed to relax considerably after she arrived as well. It was nice to know Lazlo picked himself a good one. He finally stopped fanning himself when his wrist got tired.

Kibo: Kibo quickly sat down placing Noodle in his lap where he could freely mess with the bow around his neck as the bride made her way down the aisle. Or was he supposed to stand? He should've stayed outside to watch in the window again!... Noodle rubbed Kibo's hand to re-assure him and watched the lovely bride go by before joining the guy at the altar.

JaiLi: She stood in front of the priest and turned to face Lazlo. She hadn't broken eye contact with him since she turned a little to watch her uncle go. The priest made an ‘ahem’ noise that snapped her out of those blue eyes. Ah, here, give the bouquet to Willa. Right, hold hands with her man. She snorted a little with the moment, her nose going a little wrinkly with her smile. Serious, serious, but some of the butterflies tickled her and she wanted to giggle. She looked down at their hands to steady herself and then back up to him, brushing one of his hands with her thumb. The priest started up again.

Priest: "Marriage. The bonding of two lives and two hearts into one, a union upheld by law and heaven, and the beginning of a journey of many ups and downs on the sea of life. We are wishing upon these two people this ceremony on their embarkment, with all the good wishes in their sails. We will begin with the promises of the groom. Do you have your vows?" He asked Lazlo. JaiLi staved herself to not cry... too much.

Rune: How wonderful the pair looked. Rune couldn't help but smile the whole time, just so happy for them both. Granted his happiness could never compare to what the couple felt, and this had showed. Rune's thoughts had too wandered back, wondering too when his own day would come...

Corey: Corey watched from his seat at the back with a smile. The bride looked lovely! Obviously the groom was a lucky man. The simple act of seeing the happy couple eased his nerves; it just felt right being in a place of such joy. Even a stranger like Corey could enjoy the day and offer his congratulations. He leant back in his seat and absentmindedly tried to adjust his hair. As always, it didn't oblige, sticking up in multiple directions no matter how long he spent on it. How odd he must look, with his unkempt hair and a suit that was slightly too big for him! But at least his smile was genuine, beaming his silent congratulations to the couple.

Lazlo: Her laughter was contagious, and he bit his lip to stop the chuckling that threatened to ruin the moment. He was so caught up in her that he missed the priest's prompting. The priest cleared his throat, snapping him out of it. "Hmm? O-oh! Vows, uh, r-right." He freed one of his hands and fumbled in his pocket for the set of notecards.
He turned them right side up and took a few preparatory breaths, not thinking about the crowd, not thinking about anything or anyone except for his beautiful bride. A few letters were still smudged from his sweating palms, but he had rehearsed them so thoroughly, un-stutteringly, he didn't actually mind. His voice carried through the church, more fully than he had ever spoken before, trembling slightly but unstilted and clear:
"JaiLi, you fill up a room with light and joy just like the red sunflowers we found together on our second meeting. You became a fast friend and business partner, and though I did not yet know it, I was falling for you more and more every day, as we become ever closer. I found every excuse to bring you flowers a viable one, any reason to spend time together at all would suffice. Even if the reason was slipping on ice and needing your doctoring attention.

As I bumbled my way blindly through courtship, you had such patience. I admired that about you, and all the other facets that I grew to know more intimately through the years. Your hospitality, kindness, quirky sense of humor; I found myself asking, was there anything I wouldn’t do to make every day of her life special? And even though it may have taken awhile, I noticed that what I really wanted was for you to feel loved. I couldn’t think of anyone more deserving of love than you.

However you managed to fall for a stuttering, hopeless guy like me I’ll never know, but I cherish every chance to grow with you, to nurture our love until it blooms into something even fuller and more beautiful. I promise to listen, to love, to learn every day how to love you better. I promise to endure, through better or worse, sickness and health, till death do we part."
He had dropped his cards partway through, but continued on boldly, looking into JaiLi's eyes instead and continuing to do so once he had finished. Slowly, he was becoming aware again of the crowd of people, and he took her hands in both of his again to settle the oncoming nerves.

JaiLi: The priest nodded. "Does the bride have her vows?" JaiLi wouldn't know. She was crying at his vows with an occasional giggle. His words touched her heart like she hoped they would and then some. Okay. A lot some. "O-oh, right. I have them. *sniff*" She grabbed her cards from Willa and read them with one hand squeezing his, bracing herself.
"L-Lazlo. The day you walked into my restaurant, I thought… “Ooo! Who’s this?” I then found out that you were a florist and we made that deal, my meals for your floral arrangements. I would never have thought that that business venture would turn into another kind of venture and into the adventure that has led us to today and beyond. As our friendship dug deeper, I started to see how kind you were, your gentleness, and patience, especially when I am stressing about work or the little things. I can’t even begin to express how grateful I am for your unwavering support. You are my best friend, now to be my literal best friend forever!
I vow to not only be your best friend in every situation, but your fellow adventurer, wife, and lover. I promise to respect you in all your successes and failures, comfort and encourage you, in the thick and thin times. I promise to make our home an oasis for you after a hard day’s work, to take care of you with caring hands whenever you are sick, to be your shoulder to cry on when you need, your balm when life gets hard. Where you go, I will go. Where you stay, I will stay. To laugh and cry with you, I promise to love and cherish you through whatever life my bring us.
May there be many more pillow forts and snowball fights and adventures ahead for us. May I be your flower and wife forever and you my husband and lover. I love you, babe, until death do we part.

Rune: The words of their vows had came out beautifully. It was very clear from their words, and apparent shyness, that the two really did love each other. Rune honestly couldn't be more relieved by that, knowing that JaiLi, and Lazlo, would be in good hands.

Lazlo: He let out a breath he didn't realize he'd been holding, glad he'd done his vows properly and not missed some major important chunk of them. The priest seemed to approve, at least; and by the looks of it, so did JaiLi. Lazlo found himself laughing through the nerves, keeping his hands wrapped around one of JaiLi's as it was her turn to recite vows. He wasn't typically one to cry, but he could feel the wetness on his cheeks before she had finished. He was crying, but he was beaming. "All the pillow f-forts," he whispered teasingly once she finished. "I know, right?" JaiLi teased back.
The ceremony wasn't over yet, though, and he looked glancingly towards the priest, waiting for a cue to continue. It was difficult to keep his eyes off JaiLi for more than a second.

Tamas All Tamas had was a look of wonder on his face at the couples vows, They were beautiful. Just beautiful. His heart felt light as he smiled at them and silently wished them both happy lives forever more.

Innis Awh they're both crying… and he couldn't blame it. It was all crazy sweet like whoa. He was even smiling from it and usually Innis wasn't too much on fluffy romance displays like what he'd just witnessed. Whoa… weddings were a big emotional deal. It was almost too sweet for Innis to handle.

Kibo: What beautiful vows... Put in a way they understood to a deep emotional level of course but Kibo could understand a bit. Noodle raised his paws to clap but Kibo put them back down. "Not yet Noods... Not yet" The little Espurr pouted but nonetheless kept his paws down.

JaiLi: The priest smiled. "It is now time for the exchange. The rings, please." The ring bearer came up and handed Lazlo and JaiLi their respective rings. "The bride will start. Repeat after me. I, JaiLi Logans..."
"I, JaiLi Logans"
"give this ring as a symbol of my eternal commitment..."
"give this ring as a symbol of my eternal commitment..." She slipped his wedding band on his finger and smiled up at him from looking down as she did.
"And love to you."
"And love to you."

The priest signaled to Lazlo. "The groom's turn. Repeat after me. I, Lazlo McCarthy..."

Lazlo: He fumbled with the ring but secured it in his palm, letting JaiLi do her part first. The ring slid on easily, what with the sweatiness and all. The weight of it was comforting, it had a sense of finality. "M-my turn?" He nodded, ready to start. "I, Lazlo McCarthy..."
He fumbled with the ring but secured it in his palm, letting JaiLi do her part first. The ring slid on easily, what with the sweatiness and all. The weight of it was comforting, it had a sense of finality. "M-my turn?" He nodded, ready to start. "I, Lazlo McCarthy..."

"Give this ring as a symbol of my eternal commitment..."

"give this ring a-as a symbol of my e-eternal commitment..."

"And love to you."

"and m-my love to you." It had taken him a moment to situate the ring in his grip and slide it on to her finger, the wedding band interlocking with the engagement ring just in time for him to finish. He wished silently that he had practiced this part, too, and not stuttered his way through their final vows. Still, he was too happy to care.

JaiLi: The wedding ring interlaced with her engagement ring and she watched him as he put on. Another tear escaped and she wiped it away with her free hand, but no blubbering this time. She looked up at him and could barely hear the priest. She was too focused on his handsome face and could feel his wedding band as she held his hand. She couldn't stop smiling, either.

Priest: "There is no longer a JaiLi Logans in this room. I present to you, for the first time, Mr. and Mrs. Lazlo McCarthy. You may now kiss your bride."

Rain: Rain hugged Thorn tightly as she smiled and watched the couple recited their vows. They were so beautiful. Finally when the two kissed Rain could Aww at the the two. You could really feel the love between he two.

Rune: The moment! Rune's eyes widened as he watched the exchange about to happen. It's coming...

Lazlo: He couldn't keep the grin off his face, even though his cheeks hurt from smiling. Recalling the time they'd escaped a sudden downpour of rain by hiding under the eaves of a shop, and the way he had dipped her...well, there was just no other way to do it. He put one hand around her waist and held her head gently with the other, then pulled JaiLi into a low dip, kissing her for the first time in months with all the passion he had carefully guarded for their wedding day. He smiled through it, waiting until just the right moment to lift her again, foreheads touching and hands finding one another.

Rune: And at last, there it was! Rune beamed and had joyously clapped for the couple. No longer was his friend JaiLi Logans, but a married McCarthy now!

Rain: Rain couldn't help but cheer at the couple exchanged their first kiss as man and wife. "Congratulations you two." She cheered clapping along with Rune.

cheers and shouts of 'huzzah!' broke out amongst the crowd

JaiLi: She had a feeling he would do something like this. The drought from kisses came to a sudden end as he dipped her. She wrapped her arms around his neck for support and giggled all the way to the bottom of the dip, only to be silenced by his lips. And she happily replied back with passion. Oh wait, they had an audience... and she didn't care. She kissed him until he was through and butted foreheads gently with a giggle, tapping him on the shoulder to be lifted up. Upright, she laughed heartily, almost drowning out the priest. She dowsed her laughter with an 'oops' and turned it down to a giggle as he gave the final blessing. "May the Harvest god and goddess bless you both."

Kibo: Before Kibo could do anything, Noodle jumped on top of his head and clapped his paws. Probably not loud enough to be heard but he would clap anyway. Kibo shook his head and chuckled before clapping as well.

Innis: When he got the cue that it was okay to finally make some noise for his buddy and his wife, he totally took advantage of the opportunity just as soon as the priest made it official. "ALL RIGHT, LAZLO. WOOOOOOOO-" he only paused when he started to choke on his own spit. "ack...." he coughed a little and slowly sat down down stifling his coughing as best as he could. "I'm hap-... mh... happy for you buddy… heh… phew.." what a day.

Lazlo: Between the cheers, JaiLi's laughter, and Lazlo's own, it was almost impossible to hear the priest's last words. Muffling his laughter with a hand, he let the priest finish, and then the tide of sound broke loose again, filling the sanctuary with uproarious cheering. Amongst it, he heard Innis's distinctive shout, and smiled in his friend's direction. What a ceremony!

JaiLi: "Shall we?!" She asked over the uproar, waving her bouquet towards the front doors.

Corey: At last! Corey cheered and let out a whoop. He couldn't help it, It was just such a joyous moment! He clapped happily and was glad he attended the wedding, even if it was simply to share in the couples joy. Besides, this was a wedding. There'd be cake later right?

Rune: Oh! Looks like the bouquet was about to be thrown, Rune had noticed as he stood from his seat. A small smile tugged at the corners of his lips, knowing how AGGRESSIVELY DETERMINED Willa was the last time to nab a thrown bouquet. He would be sure to stand out of the way of all the single ladies... Turning Rain, he smiled. "You gonna be trying for that?" He asked her.

Lazlo: "We shall!" He returned, taking her by the hand and helping her down the steps and towards the back of the church.

JaiLi: The priest waited for the uproar to settle some before making a final announcement. "The reception will be held in the church's side yard. All are welcome." He motioned to the right side of the church as JaiLi and Lazlo led the way. JaiLi, though, felt like she could run and lifted the front of her dress so she wouldn't trip. They would have pictures taken first before entering the reception as Mr. and Mrs. McCarthy.

Lazlo: He let JaiLi lead the way, having not taken proper note beforehand where pictures were going to be. By the trellises, right? Or was it over by the cake? He couldn't rightly remember.

Rain: Rain blinked in surprise when Rune mentioned the bouquet toss before a light blush covered her cheeks. "Oh! No, no, no. I'm too young to get married besides I don't even have a boyfriend." she said nervously as she remembered the old myth her mother had told her about how the one who caught the bouquet was going to be the next to get married.

Rune: Rune gave a gentle smile at her, chuckling as well. "It's all just for fun anyhow." He had said, as he followed the JaiLi and Lazlo outside along with the other guests. "But... maybe best not to get in the way of Willa... She might break your arm..." Said half jokingly of course... albeit half.

Kibo: Kibo got up to go follow everyone else and Noodle jumped back to his shoulder somehow still clapping. "Do you wanna catch the bouquet Noods? You'd be a pretty little bride" Noodle narrowed his eyes at him and hissed before flailing his paws at the doors leading to the side yard. Out there must be where the cake was! "You have to wait Noods. Bride and groom get first dibs." The little Espurr pouted now wanting to be bride so he could have cake first...

JaiLi: The photographer led them over to the trellises and had them do a few poses, one including jumping simultaneously into the air, another here he dipped her again. Most were more traditional poses, side-by-side, back-to-front prom style. Then it was time to sit a little and let the crowd go to the reception before them. JaiLi laughed again from their bench. "We did it! We're married!" She cheered and wrapped her arms around him. "And you look so handsome! And read your vows so strongly. I noticed something about you when you did that." She smiled at him, keeping her arms loosely around him.

Rain: The quilava let out a nervous laugh at his comment. "How about I help run interference for her then? "she suggested she followed everyone to the reception area.

Lazlo: He had trouble not laughing as they did some of the sillier poses, though it ended up working out because then he was smiling in every single one of them. After all that, though, it felt nice to sit down and just watch the crowds slowly leave the church and enter the reception with all its expertly-prepared food. They held each other comfortably, finally free of nerves now that the hard part was over and they had the reception and honeymoon to look forward to. "Hmm? D-did you, now? And what would that be?" He asked, quirking an eyebrow curiously though he knew full well what she was probably hinting at.

Rune: Another half laugh. "Yeaaah... That might be better..." Wouldn't want anyone to get in the way of Willa... especially not himself! Well, in a way speaking... But never mind all that. He shook away his thoughts of an angry cat lady pushing others way to catch flying flowers, and instead directed his attention to all of the decorations and props that were set outside. It looked very natural and homely, to him at least. Fitting. The vines tangling around the wall where the bride and groom were having their pictures taken was especially eye-catching. "JaiLi always liked plants and homegrown things." He commented.

Corey: Corey happily wandered out to the reception. Naturally, his eyes drifted to the cake and he found himself hovering nearby. It just looked so tasty! Corey wondered what flavour it was as he admired it's splendor. He couldn't help it, it had been so long since he last had cake, and he'd typically forgotten to eat lunch today. "Looks delicious." He said, mostly to himself.

JaiLi: JaiLi booped him lovingly on the nose. "You didn't stutter at all. And pronunciated. And what you said was so beautiful. And you made me cry, you lug." She mock-pouted at that and gave him a kiss now that she could kiss him again. Ah, it was nice to not hold back now!

Rain: Rain giggled at his comment. "Guess that they really are perfect fit then." She replied as she remembered how earlier it was mentioned that Lazlo was a florist. She looked back and saw a cat lady pushing trough the crowd. "I'm going to take a wild guess and say that's Willa right?" she asked pointing to the blonde.

Lazlo: He looked back at her innocently, kissing her back as he remembered that this was allowed now. The fingers that usually brushed his lips in warning not to do so now instead lighted on her shoulder. "Well, I-I can't say it didn't take some real e-effort." He inhaled sharply, deciding just then that he might as well tell her. "I started speech therapy. A-and plan to continue, once we get back f-from the honeymoon." He looked over at some guests who were eyeing the cake. "Think w-we should go join them? Don't want to make e-everyone wait too long for dessert."

Rune: "They truly are..." Rune said with admiring eyes as he looked over to them both. His smile however quickly dropped when he heard the sounds of a scuffle between the crowds and the name of the familiar character. Turning around and back to Rain, he could only keep his nervous grin by force. "Ahh... Yup, that would be my Willa, yes..." So much for avoiding a scene...

JaiLi: "Aw, babe! Well, I support you all the way. Let me know if there's anyway I can help, my husband." He mentioned the reception and she could see that past the white picket fence of the side yard, everyone was eyeing the cake. "Sure. I'm feeling pretty hungry myself. I haven't eaten much today. I wound say, since no one fainted or vomited, that this wedding is a success! Let's go say hi to everyone."

Rain: "Well she seems very... Spirited." The quilava replied watching the scene before looking back at the older man. "How did you two meet? If you don't mind me asking that is."

Lazlo: He squeezed her hand, grateful for the support she offered. Pulling them both to their feet, he led them around the picket fence and into the reception yard under a trellis. "Now, are you going to aim for my mouth or just s-smother the frosting into my beard?" He asked jokingly, pulling out a knife and cutting the cake into two squares and setting each on a plate, then handing one to JaiLi.

Kibo: Kibo felt terrible for eyeing that cake like he hadn't eaten in days. That and Noodle and now the awakened Kicho were following the example with intensity. Distraction... Distraction... Rain! Kibo near ran back to the quilava and grinned. "Hehe hi again."

Rune: "H-Hm, me?" Rune asked, surprised that he would even be asked that here. He was so preoccupied by the friendly conversation that he didn't even notice the cake there that practically everyone else were eying. A rarity coming from him. "Well, we met one day at the town center, around the time I moved in actually. It's kinda almost funny, because we didn't really like each other all that much at first... Hahahaha~" And thinking back, they really didn't then. Willa was so keen to keeping her secrets, whereas Rune strongly believed that secrets only lead to hurt. It had been a long past couple years that the two were together... and yet, he couldn't say that he regretted it. "She's a very wonderful and beautiful woman though, and I'm very glad to have met her." Aggressive determination aside.

Rune: And suddenly interrupted by the blue haired boy! "O-Oh, hello there again." He said simply.

JaiLi: JaiLi had practiced her fondant molding enough to make gardenias for the cake, too. Frosting she was good at, though. He led her to the cake, photographer in tow. "I like your goatee too much, so I say we be civil about it." She held up her piece for him but snagged some frosting on the end of his nose. "You didn't say not your nose, though." She said cheekily.

Lazlo: He stared down, cross-eyed, at the bridge of his nose and the white blob of frosting. "Touché." He got her a little on the nose as well, and then a little across the cheek by accident. "Ah, but it's such a nice c-color on you," he said in mock-appraisal of her look. Waiting for a cue from the photographer, he placed the cake in her mouth with care, getting only tiny dabs of frosting at the edges of her lips. He closed his mouth around her slice of cake, too, nabbing a finger in the process.

Rain: Rain giggled as the similar told her about the him and the meowth woman. "Well I would love to meet her then. ... you know when she isn't trying to catch a bouquet." she giggled before a certain derpawott appeared next to her. "Hi Kibo." She smiled happily at her friend before turning to Rune. "Rune, this is Kibo. He's a good friend of mine. Kibo this is Rune. I met him today, but he is a very nice man." she said intruding the two.

Kibo: Kibo grinned a bit. "Hello there Mr. Rune nice to meetcha" Noodle held up a paw in greeting as well not quite understanding any further then clap or grab but somehow the little squirrel in Kibo's tux pocket could do it. That was insulting to the Espurr.

Rune: Rune had smiled. "I'm sure she'll like that. Willa can be a very nice woman, really. And hello Kibo." He offered his hand. "It's good to meet you~ And ah, is this your pet?" He said, noting the Espurr by his feet.

JaiLi: JaiLi smiled long for the cameraman to get a good shot before going "hey!" She looked at her finger. "Well that takes care of the frosting on one finger. And thanks for noticing. It matches my dress!" She took care of the frosting on one hand and kissed the frosting on his nose before handing him a napkin. Her aunt started to cut pieces off the cake and hand them out on plates. Now everyone was free to have some buttercream cake. There was something for everyone in the buffet: Swedish meatballs, buns, slices of roast beef, potatoes and carrots, pasta salad, fruit salad, salad salad, veggie rolls! And cider, lemonade, punch, and water with the exception of one bottle of sparkling grape juice for the bride and groom.

Lazlo: He scrunched up his nose at her as she kissed the frosting off, wiping the remainder with a napkin. He used his thumb to brush the frosting from her cheek, using the napkin to get at the remainder. "There you go! M-mostly clean." Cake was getting passed out now, plus there were tables full of food to choose from. "I-I'll go get the sparkling grape juice...and steer clear of the crowd r-rushing for your bouquet." He noted Willa among them with a particularly determined glint in her eye.

Rain: "Then you'll have to introduce me to her later." Rain smiled before looking over at Kibo and his pets. "Hi Noodle, Hi Kicho. Did you two enjoy the wedding?" she asked them before looking at kibo. "I have to say I'm a little surprised at how well behaved they are today. They didn't even try and jump Thorn." she told him looking down at the hell hound next to her.

JaiLi: JaiLi looked over at her bridesmaid and nodded to her. "Will do. I need all the single ladies to gather up on the lawn! It's time for the toss!" JaiLi wasn't one to think about keeping her bouquet in her fridge for all time. She didn't have the room for that, so no separate tossing bouquet was made by her hubby. Hubby. She had a hubby now! Ooo, She did a little dance at that thought. "Everyone ready?" Willa looked more determined than ever. JaiLi turned around and started counting. "In one! Two! Threeee!!!" And toss!

Rune: "They're cute..." Rune said as he smiled to them, then perked when he heard JaiLi's voice. "Oh Rain, it sounds like it's about to start! Do you still want to...?"

Kibo: Kibo happily shook the friendly guy's hand and nodded. "Yep that's Noodle" The Espurr ninja-d his way up Kibo's leg and onto his arm sniffing Rune a few times before his food sensors went into overdrive. There was a lady giving out cake. Giving... Out... Cake... Kibo looked at Rain in a near confused way. "Really? I guess training pays off" No it doesn't... No Kibo. Noodle escaped going over to the cake giving lady and getting a plate placed upon his head. Nothing would ruin his cake. Not today. Unless that lady throwing things misthrew and hit him. But there was no way...

Lazlo: He watched from a safe distance while Randy helped him pop the cork out of their sparkling grape juice bottle. There was no alcohol at the wedding, a good thing considering his incredibly low tolerance for the stuff. JaiLi had been particularly gracious in taking that into account for the drink menu. He poured them both full servings into trumpet-shaped glasses, then carried them over to their table. Winry was already situated in her seat with a plate full of goodies. She smiled to her cousin, pointing to a place on her chin. "You got a little something right there," she noted cheerfully.

Rain: "Oh um I guess I'll go help Willa. Be right back." She said running puff to help the cat woman.

Rune: "Off she goes..." Rune commented as he watched Rain leave in preparation for the toss. He could only hope that the disaster won't be too great if Willa should miss...
Kibo smiled and crossed his arms. "Gotta admit both of em would make lovely brides to be someday" Sure he didn't know Willa but on observation he could tell at the very least she would. Meanwhile, Noodle had seated himself by the food table and retrieved a fork to enjoy his cake and the lady throwing things blindly at other ladies.

JaiLi: There was a good number of single ladies waiting for the bouquets, but their hopes were crushed by a super saiyan cat who would not be separated from her prey. That bouquet was her's and her's alone. Her height helped, too, and JaiLi turned around to see her snag it out of the air. Welp, that settles that. Now it's time for the guys. "Ooh, Lazlo." JaiLi called, lifting up the hem of her dress to show off her ankle. "Time for the guys to catch the garter!" Raoul put out a chair for JaiLi to sit on while Lazlo retrieved the garter from her.

Rain: As promised, Rain stayed out of the way of the crazed cat lady and helped block some others as the woman went in for the kill. Honestly she was pretty sure the woman really would have broken someone's bones. "Well I did my part." The quilava said returning to the two men. "Now it looks like your turn." She teased giving them both a smile.

Rune: Rune had blushed a little at thought. "Yes... Yes she would be..." Referring to Willa, of course. But through the air, his attention was nabbed by the flying bouqet... and skillfully caught by Willa herself! Rune's eyes nearly bugged right out of him. "W- She... She caught it!" Relieved the man should have felt, but honestly he felt more surprised than anything. Doubtless she must be a very happy woman right now... The thought was pretty dawning on him. "... She caught it."

Lazlo: He was busy wiping the remaining frosting from his chin when he heard his name being called rather suggestively. "Hmm?" He looked up in time to see JaiLi lifting her dress. Oh, no, he'd forgotten about this part. "Ah! R-right, b-be there in a m-moment!" He weaved through the tables, face a little flushed at the thought of actually doing this. He bent down next to her, expecting at first to find it somewhere just north of her ankle. When it wasn't there, he glanced up at JaiLi for help, then realized what he had to do. "O-oh." His eyes widened, and he lifted the hem of her dress a little higher, blushing a deeper red as he tried not to think too much about it. His fingers touched something lacy and he lifted it from her skin, sliding the garter down her leg and over a shoe. Phew! He'd made it!
He held the article aloft, rubbing at his reddened cheeks with his other hand. Time to toss it. "D-do I count?" He asked no one in particular, hesitated a moment, and then with significantly less ceremony that was probably due, tossed it blindly into the crowd behind him. "Um, w-was that r-right?" He peeked over his shoulder to see if anyone had caught it.

JaiLi: JaiLi laughed, her own cheeks going a little red. "Hey, don't get lost in there." She said as he hooked the garter and came out with it. He tossed it into the crowd and she laughed harder and clapped. "Bravo, my knight! Now I can really use a plate of food about now." But her aunt had gotten both of them a plate of everything and waved at them from the bride-and-groom's table.

Xavier: Due to complications at his ranch, Gaia and Thor's roughhousing had once again broken the fence, Xavier was late and missed the wedding. As soon as he was done he quickly got dressed, grabbed the small present he had gotten for the bride and groom, and headed to where the reception was. Once he was there he walked inside and began looking around.

Rune: A near blush had nearly snuck up on Rune that Willa had caught the bouquet. But it was just as he said earlier though, all just for fun, right? He really wasn't actually expecting her to check it, if anything he had expected for there to be mild rage and disappointment. But he shook it off. Nothing to get too caught up on. "So, no broken bones right?..." Rune asked Rain with a little laugh, trying to get back to the casual chatter. "I must say, those flowers were really pretty though. I believe Lazlo must've picked them himself?..." Rune didn't even notice that Lazlo had went to take the next article from the bride, nor even notice that it had been flung into the air above. Although he was not standing among the group of hopeful bachelors that had gathered, a gentle breeze had other plans as it steered the flying belt to another direction. In the next moment, a piece of lacy article had fell right into his hands!

"H-Huh? What is..." What just fell into his hands just now? He looked at the strange thing, seeing how lacy it was... until... he began to realize... "E-E-EA-EEEEEEK!!" The man shrieked as he jumped, tossing the garter away from his hands as he dashed off the other direction. It fell onto Kibo's head gracefully.

Rain: "Nope" She said holding out her arms. "All in one piece" she finished before giggling as the garter landed in the man's hands. "Looks like it's yours and Willa's turn next." she teased before the man took off.

Rune: And Rune well, he eventually came out of hiding to find Willa again. And went to enjoy some of that cake. Because y'know, glutton and all.

And JaiLi and Lazlo made their get away to the harbor to catch the ferry to the mainland and to the rest of their journey.
The McCarthy Wedding: Text
The log from the wedding. :iconaroda:, see who caught the bouquet!

Tamas: :iconkarmastrike:
Rune: :icondr-reggie:
Willa: :iconaroda:
Corey: :iconpupasus:
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Innis: :icontartly-sweet:
Xavier: :iconcuriousrune:
Lazlo: :iconemilee-mae:
JaiLi: :iconcrimsongriffin:

The McCarthy Wedding by CrimsonGriffin
The McCarthy Wedding
It's been over two years since they met and more than a year of dating before this joyous day! A snapshot of the wedding between my character, JaiLi Logans, and :iconemilee-mae:'s character, Lazlo McCarthy. Dress designed by :iconaroda:'s character, Willa! Thanks to everyone for participating in the wedding RP.


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